Cairns pool cleaning products
At Pool Pro Redlynch we encourage you to carefully choose a pool cleaner that’s right for you. Kreepy krauly has always been the world’s best automatic cairns pool service cleaner

Recommendations from family or friends are rarely right – simply because no two pools are exactly the same. What works in their pool may not work in yours. It is also important to take into account what type of Cairns pool service you need when it comes to cleaning.

After you’ve considered everything – ask our Cairns pool shop professional for their advice. It’s free and will help you avoid making a frustrating and expensive mistake.

Choose value over price. A cheaper cleaner from a hardware store may look like a bargain, but if it doesn’t clean your pool, gets stuck, continually breaks down or only lasts a season (or less) – is it value for money?

Look at the full cost of ownership As well as the initial purchase price, consider the ongoing requirement for costly maintenance.

Choosing an Australian made pool cleaner guarantees that it has been designed for and tested in the toughest conditions and it has also been design to work with Australian Cairns pool chemicals. It also makes things much easier if you ever need after-sales support, parts or service.

Download brochures:
1200 KK A4 Cleaner - Limited edition marathon cleaner - Sprinta pool cleaner
Klever Kleena Klassic - Autoskim
K-Bot RX Series Robotic Cleaner Brochure
K-Bot SX Series Robotic Cleaner Brochure




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